fanart of sindri, a character from josceline fenton’s comic hemlock
i’m fascinated by sindri’s character and design, and drawing him was so much fun as his design heavily depends on linework

icon commish

nother icon commission!


i also realized we can have matching icons for deviantart ^w^
(if you wanna lol)

a twenjastic pattern for my best chum bumblegoo!

happy birthdaaayyyy!
(i sent you the actual pattern in a note on deviantart :3)

Anonymous: Hey, would you be interested in doing some art on a skateboard!?

haha yeeeesss….

is this who it think it is? (:

tuuli kuura


if you’re following me for the art, great. this blog will remain an art blog ONLY now.

so here’s the link to my personal blog! i will be posting smaller doodles there, however larger/completed/commission pieces will be posted here, so current followers won’t be missing a thing.

the blog is a little nsfw-ish because yes it’s a personal blog so i’ll be using foul language and bring up my thoughts on drugs/alcohol/sex from time to time. no worries, i’ll tag everything like that as such.

thank you! cafe afternoons with you in mind will now ONLY post art!

hey all! these prints are up on my redbubble store, in case you’re interested! click here

woooo! for my pal mork, here ya go.

thanks for commissioning me (:!

allie way!

will be offering commissions like this, stay tuned!

more info on my dA page~

i need to go to bed and i need to stop drawing luna

screams and shoves it in your face